That Call to Prayer

I mentioned yesterday that the head of the SSPX called for a day of prayer and reparatory penance concerning the acts of idolatry that took place in Rome during the Amazon Synod for his own order and invites all Catholics to join in prayer.  I received this email from SSPX today:


Following the Synod on the Amazon, the Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, Father Davide Pagliarani, invited all priest members, religious brothers or Oblates, seminarians and tertiaries, to observe a day of prayer and reparatory penance, in order to defend the sanctity of the Church.

It is about, he writes in a Letter of 20 October 2019, “the honour of the Roman Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, which is not an idolatrous and pantheistic fair”.

At a time when the civilizing mission of Catholicism is profoundly distorted, and when the sanctity of the priesthood is threatened by new reforms, all the faithful are cordially invited to join in this day of fasting and praying, on Saturday, November 9, 2019, especially to repair the recent scandals that have taken place in the capital of Christianity.

God does not abandon His Church; the gates of hell will never prevail over it (Mt 16:18).

To read the Open Letter from the Superior General:  OPEN LETTER

Earlier today, I watched Raymond Arroyo’s interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider.  In the closing few moments, Raymond asked the bishop what he would say to the Catholics watching.  Bishop Schneider closed his comments by saying;

“…Pray to make hours of reparation for the sins of the high clergy who betray today Christ… also to pray for good new priests and support the good bishops – there still are – to have courage, strength, and wisdom to be faithful shepherds in these dark times.”


May God bless you always,

Nancy M.

Extra Note:  The picture at the top of this post was found at Fr. Z’s Blog.  – Clear, straight commentary on Catholic issues, liturgy and life by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Great place to visit!) I find it chilling to see all the candles lit around the Pachamama idol.  Disgusting.

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