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We are Warned – Coming World Neo-Religion

“You shall have no other gods before Me.

~ Exodus 20:3, First Commandment


Abrahamic Family Home

Abrahamic Family Home Plan

I received an article with the English translation of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s essay on Pope Francis’ venture into building the Abrahamic Family Home.  The format was a bit hard to read, so I didn’t want to present it to you, but recently I found Church Militant carries the story with a much more accessible format.  (The text if you link to the original from Church Militant is in Italian. Use Google translate.)  From Church Militant:

“Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s latest essay concerns the Abrahamic Family House project, a structure that will host a synagogue, a mosque and a church in Abu Dhabi. The former papal nuncio warns against the dangers of syncretism and highlights the contradiction between this ecumenical project and traditional teaching of the Church. Dr. Aldo Maria Valli has granted us permission to republish Viganò’s essay in full… Church Militant Article:  Thus the world Neo-Religion will Have Its temple. With the Pope’s permission…

There is a new website you should visit after reading the Vigano writing on the Abrahamic Family Home. The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity.  I’ll let them introduce themselves to you:

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity comprises a diverse set of international religious leaders, educational scholars and cultural leaders who were inspired by the Document on Human Fraternity, and are dedicated to sharing its message of mutual understanding and peace.

They have been tasked with acting on the aspirations outlined in the Document on Human Fraternity and will meet with religious leaders, heads of international organizations and others across the world to support and spread the values of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence. In addition, the committee will provide counsel on a variety of initiatives, including the Abrahamic Family House to be built in Abu Dhabi.

As the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity international activities progress, its membership will expand to include leaders of other faiths, denominations and beliefs. The Higher Committee aspires to undertake complex challenges facing communities of all faiths, with an approach of openness, learning and dialogue. The committee is currently in the early stages of its formation, establishing the groundwork for its future activities.

Sounds a bit eerie, doesn’t it?  I’m not going to explain what I’ve been learning about the lofty language here. Still, I will tell you that to date, the committee is only willing to publish pictures and information on eight people: two Vatican key players, 5 Muslims, and a token Jewish rabbi.  (Recently Francis came out smacking Jewish leaders: Pope: Jews Living in Judea, Israel: Bad for ‘Regional Stability’)   The Israeli community is becoming leary of Francis.

That’s “The Higher Committee.” story.   The Story from His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (I use his name because to be sure nothing is said he wouldn’t approve.) comes a bit differently:

Abu Dhabi: The UAE has become the epitome of peace and tolerance where religious freedom and peaceful coexistence is at par, according to religious leaders in the emirates. They expressed their views following the decision of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, to construct the Abrahamic Family House on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.

The Abrahamic Family House will be a museum to commemorate the historic visit of Pope Francis and Grand Imam of Al Azhar to the UAE and it will be dedicated to inter-faith harmony…

The Abrahamic House building project is a cultural and civilisational project, and any decision to construct such cultural and religious monuments or shrines send wide signals to the world about the positive vibes about the country, he said.

Shaikh Al Qubaisi added that the UAE promotes safe and peaceful coexistence for those living in the emirates, and such decisions further enhance the country’s stand on tolerance and peaceful living.

To get the Shaikh’s take: Inter-faith museum to commemorate historic visit of pope and Grand Imam of Al Azhar

On Modernism

Archbishop Vigano’s essay uses words of warning from Pope Pius XI in his encyclical Mortalium animos (The Minds of mortals) written in 1928 about religious unity and the early ecumenical movement. He was condemning certain presumptions of the movement and confirming that the unique Church founded by Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church.  Back then, the ecumenical movement was more focused on unity among the protestant churches.  I’m not sure how much the Jewish community or Muslims were part of the mix other than the hidden agenda to breakdown all into a one-world religion already taking hold in different circles.  We learn Pius understood one of the fundamental errors of modernism was the idea that all religions are just varying (and fallible) human expressions of a natural religious impulse or instinct. He agreed with Pius X.

MODERNISM.  It really is crucial that today’s Catholics understand what modernism is and why our popes had warned us about it before Vatican II.  I purchased Pope Pius X’s encyclical on modernism.  It was written even earlier in 1907.  I learned of it while reading a book on the New Age Movement entitled The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, written by a Protestant in 1982, who said Pius X’s encyclical was the best resource on modernism anyone could find. So I started looking online for the Pius X encyclical, I came across the Catechism on Modernism.  Actually, Modernism 101 for dummies (my 2019 term)  using the same Pius X encyclical with his permission!  I purchased the Kindle edition and was stunned to find the blessed Pontiff doing his best to warn the flock of a demonic danger forming in real-time all around him. He gave the same warning Pope Leo spoke of in the latter part of the 1800’s. Sadly, it is clear that what they warned their bishops and priest to avoid has now taken hold of today’s Church.  Archbishop Vigano is merely adding to the chorus of wise warnings.

This understanding of modernism is such valuable reading for us now that I want to give you free links.  Neither are as easy as buying a kindle version, but they work:

catechism-on-modernism  (Found at Real Catholic World website, but I found saving it to MY PDF seemed brighter. You can “save as” to read offline.)


What Church Militant didn’t share was that Archbishop  Viagano has decided to begin writing essays of current events in the Church and will be releasing them through Italian Dr. Aldo Maria Valli. I am so tired of all the ads I keep running into on websites that I am going to copy them from now on into PDF format, giving credit to the site, so we can read them and pass along if possible.

May God bless you always,

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