2,000 Mule Wake Up Call

Wake Up America

This political action group has its own local political support organizations, its own pressure groups, its own vested interests, its foothold within our government, and its own propaganda apparatus.”

1954 – Senator William Jenner

Much of America went to bed on election night in 2020 expecting to see President Trump reinstated and woke up to find a total flip of votes. The fast-developing situation in the days following opened my eyes to ugly truths about my nation that sounded familiar – articles connected to the driving forces behind the change in the Roman Catholic Church.

One document I found in my earlier research, A Chronological History of the New World Order at constitution.org, is a many-page document beginning in 1913, last updated in 1999. Looking through it, I came across a sobering statement from 1954 when looking at what has happened to America since the Democrats (with help from RINO Republicans ) stole the election in 2020. It ties into the subject of this post:

1954 — Senator William Jenner said:
“Today the path to total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people… outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded and is sure that it is the winning side…. All the strange developments in the foreign policy agreements may be traced to this group who are going to make us over to suit their pleasure…. This political action group has its own local political support organizations, its own pressure groups, its own vested interests, its foothold within our government, and its own propaganda apparatus.”

Recently Dinesh D’Souza released a movie called 2,000 Mules. The film exposes True the Vote.org’s video evidence of a coordinated, funded, illegal ballot trafficking network across critical swing states during the 2020 election. This weekend it played for the second time in movie theaters around the country. As you keep reading, you’ll see that “strictly legal means” doesn’t apply to the 2.000 mules we’ll discuss. However, avenues used to finance and put those mules in place indeed appear legal.

Watch the Trailer for the movie.

Rene Henry Gracida. Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi posted an article on his Blog, Abyssus Abyssum, entitled THE TRUTH, ALL OF THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. He uses that title to introduce an article by Sean Fizpatrick, an excellent author, entitled: 2000 Mules and the Big Truth. I’m sharing it in part here, but you can find the link for the full article at Bishop Garcia’s Abyssus Abyssum at the bottom of what’s shared.

2000 Mules and the Big Truth

Sean Fizpatrick

I’m not really one for conspiracy theories, and that’s why I was captivated by Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mulesa documentary that shows with transparency the disturbing nature and extent of highly suspicious irregularities that took place around special pandemic ballot drop boxes during the 2020 election. The film makes President Trump a prognosticator when he said, “if you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.” 

Even with the jaw-dropping evidence D’Souza presents in 2000 Mules, and the conservative applause it is receiving, it is disheartening to anticipate that nothing will come of this remarkable investigative reporting. The profound complacency and cowardice of the Right is almost to be expected, but it is never too late to level the censure that election law violations deserve. Especially since they are corroding our democratic republic together with any adherence to the truth that remains in our process of selecting government representation and leadership.

2000 Mules presents the findings of a Texas nonprofit organization called True the Vote, who used the location ping systems that cell phones generate—which are commonly used by apps, cell providers, and law enforcement—to observe and analyze the activity around ballot drop boxes in key counties of five swing states that determined the course of the 2020 election. (Many of these boxes were purchased with $400 million from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg through the left-wing Center for Tech and Civic Life, by the way.) 

Their discoveries are shocking, showing in practically undeniable fashion that at least 2,000 people in these swing states made visits to multiple drop boxes, mostly in the dead of night and wearing surgical gloves, to deposit multiple ballots. Security camera footage was coupled to the signals recorded by the geo-location records and shows these individuals in the act and then taking a picture of the dropbox before heading to the next box.

There is no conceivable reason, save a nefarious one, that would prompt such unaccountable (and in some cases blatantly illegal) actions, which, if they are what they seem to be, interfere with voting laws and the voting process. D’Souza shows how the team at True the Vote collected and combed through the data surrounding these individuals—or “mules,” the term given to operatives who traffic illegally-acquired ballots—who visited more than ten drop boxes and five nonprofit organizations that collect ballots, using geo-fencing and geo-tracking, and assigning a moderate average of ballots deposited. 

The results of their equations are sufficient to reverse the electoral margins between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And that is the conclusion that pertains only to the 2,000 people who met these criteria in those selected areas, which is to say that there may well be more in other locations or who did not visit as many drop boxes but who contributed in what has every appearance of being a widespread, coordinated attack on the election. 

There are some who dismiss 2000 Mules and its use of cell phone location technology, but it is very difficult to regard it as anything short of proof that something was very awry about the vote count in these swing states. And further, that it is almost a matter of certainty that the election was stolen. D’Souza provides clear and objective evidence of organized criminal action surrounding the harvesting of ballots and an explanation for the bizarre reversal that Americans witnessed on the morning after election day—when most went to bed with Trump firmly in the lead and woke up to find Biden suddenly in the lead. The media crowed that there had never been such a comeback in history. But many found it implausible if not impossible. Even as CNN and NPR pounded away with assertions that there was definitely nothing shady going on, many felt something was definitely wrong.

Let us not beat a dead horse—because the horse should not be pronounced dead. The outrage of the 2020 election shouldn’t be abandoned as “old news” or a “lost cause.” Conservatives and Catholics should not forget that it is unbelievable that doddering Joe Biden, with his Covid-shuttered campaign and limp base, won more of the popular vote than the “messianic” Barack Obama did in 2008. Though the January 6 protests did not help the cause, lambasted as it still is as the damning stain of the cause, the outrage must not succumb to desires to disassociate or rooftop condemnations. And 2000 Mules delivers the evidence the Right has been waiting for after court dismissals and legal fizzlings, confirming with both journalistic integrity and clarity the misgivings held by so many.

But what will the result of Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote’s expositions be? In a nation that has lost its relation to truth, it is frustrating to expect the continued capitulation by conservatives, and Catholics, to lies. There is a spinelessness that has crept into the American character and the Catholic soul, something that is the result of the social mantra that good fences make good neighbors in a PC Marxist melting pot that is rife with the propagandist pressures of relativism.

But the Right’s conservatism shouldn’t prevent rebellion or revolution. Any fears that caution against destabilizing our democracy may destabilize our freedom. And it is certainly the case that the Left has absolutely no scruples about destabilizing democracy for its own ends. President Trump’s term was plagued by an incredible barrage of noise, wild accusations, outrageous investigations, and wasted tax-payer dollars on so-called suspicions of election interference and collusion with Russia. That happened.

But when it came to the suspicions and reports from the Right concerning voter fraud and breakdowns in election integrity, with the “shenanigans” that were observed at polls and surrounded unconstitutional Covid-19 modifications regarding mail-in ballots and drop-boxes, the whole thing was quickly dubbed the “Big Lie.” It became an obvious matter of policy for the mainstream media, whenever referring to the 2020 election, to say that it was free and fair and that Donald Trump and his supporters were lying when they said the election was rigged. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE.

How to Watch 2,000 Mules

My husband and I watched 2,000 Mules by purchasing a pass at Dinesh’s Community Page. It aired on his rumble account. Click HERE to get directions. Select movie theaters have aired the movie on two weekends in May. Keep up with where the movie airs, venues, and news by checking www.2000mules.com.

2000 Mules has been out for several weeks now. We were amazed to find how many people have asked our local theater to run the movie and how many employees have seen it! I hope this post gives you plenty of links to share with your friends or loved ones – especially if they haven’t heard about the 2000 Mule wake-up call happening across America right now!

God bless you always,

Nancy M.

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