Spiritual Deep Breathing

With all the chaos and confusion tumbling around us as we prepare the final touches for Christmas each year, reminders to take a deep breath are common. I came across an uncommon one in a precious devotional from the last century. It put my day into the proper perspective. It is a prompt for spiritual deep breathing. Here it is:

It is a simple law of nature, that air always comes in to fill a vacuum. You can produce a draught at any time, by heating the air until it asends, and then the cold air rushes in to supply its place. And so we can always be filled with the Holy Spirit by providing a vacuum. This breath is dependent upon exhausting the previous breath before you can inhale a fresh one. And so we must empty our hearts of the last breath of the Holy Spirit that we have received, for it becomes exhausted the moment we have received it, and we need a new supply, to prevent spiritual asphyxia.

We must learn the secret of breathing out, as well as breathing in. Now, the breathing in will continue if the other part is rightly done. One of the best ways to make room for the Holy Spirit is to recognize the needs that come into the life as vacuums for Him to fill, and we shall find plenty of needs all around us to be filled, and as we pour out our lives in holy service, He will pour His in— – in full measure.

Jesus, empty me and fill me with Thy fullness to the brim.

Days of Heaven Upon Earth – Devotional 

By A. B. Simpson

December 22, 2020

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