The Three-State Flip

In Agreement with
Our Founding Fathers

Ask God to shock the courts, the swamp, and the entire nation with his exposure and deliverance.

Dutch Sheets – Give Him 15 Prayer Point 12/6/2020

Watching Dutch Sheets share today’s insights and prayer points for our continuing joint effort to pray for the elections, I knew it was a segment that needs to be shared with as many patriots as possible – prayer warrior or not.

A good lesson on the value of using videos in getting information out visually as a powerful tool in this war to stop the steal of his second term as POTUS came from Donald John Trump, as we witnessed last night in Georgia. Viewing thousands of Georgians watch a video of treacherous election officials’ actions with our President standing silently with them is a powerful thing. The entire world watched.

For the last thirty days, Dutch Sheets continues to invite us to join him each day as he, and now tens of thousands of others, pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. He reads the daily Give Him 15, (Give God 15 minutes of prayer a day for our nation) making comments, and then we pray together. Video viewers and those joining by reading the print version on the website, or a version they have printed off for use later, join in a united Appeal to Heaven for America. Website Link: Give Him 15 – 6 Dec. 2020 Today’s video:

Dutch Sheets is connected to intercessors across America from all walks of life. I first learned of his ministry when I was invited to a leadership conference at his brother Pastor Tim Sheets’ church in my home state of Ohio in 2015. I imagine I was the only Catholic there, but I knew I was in the right place when Dutch stopped in the midst of his talk to tell us that the Lord told him a great revival would be coming to the Catholic Church! (I’ve enjoyed following the work of these godly patriot brothers ever since.)

If you haven’t followed GH15, you don’t know how much it is tied into our nation’s history, our constitution, our covenant with God from the beginning. The Liberty Tree Flag used as the banner for today’s post is from our Founding Father George Washington and plays a part in today’s encouragement from God and the work Dutch founded several years ago, Dutch Sheets’ Ministries.

Consider the fact that you are a container for God’s amazing power.

Dutch Sheets – Give Him 15 Prayer Point 12/6/2020


Dutch shared about traveling up the river on a boat named Mercy two weeks ago. I have it jotted down in my prayer journal. The notes are pretty simple, but Dutch’s call from God to start to Give Him 15 actually was my final nudge from God to quit being a reluctant Catholic and get this blog site back online to encourage Catholics, as well as anyone else, stopping by to get involved standing for our liberty.

When I opened my journal to the notes on the boat named Mercy today, I knew with posting the video comes a godly urging to call Catholics (and others) to use another spiritual prayer weapon – the Divine Mercy prayers. My notes for Monday, November 23rd:

Boat of Mercy – Taking us back to Him
Divine Mercy prayer
Soul of the American people
Appeal to Heaven Flag _ George Washington
Appeal to heaven movement- that which birthed the nation needs to fly for the rebirth of this nation
This nation will be saved.
America will be saved

The post about joining ORCatholic in praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for We the People of the USA can be found here: Praying for Divine Mercy for America. Please consider joining thousands of fellow Americans in the 2020 Appeal to Heaven by Giving Him 15!

“This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel:
‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’
Says the Lord of hosts.

Zechariah 4:6

God bless you always,

Nancy M.

© 2020

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